Move Smarter, not Harder 

Discover how the simple act of observing your posture, as it truly is, can awaken new transformation in your life. Many of us carry postural habits that no longer serve us. Imposed on us from our environment (e.g., sitting at a computer, holding a baby on one hip), these habits persist, sometimes for decades, leading to chronic pain and tension. We carry these compensations into our yoga practice, where they can get reinforced.

Break that pattern. Practice yoga in a way that builds better habits, instead of reinforcing the old ones. My cues awaken a felt sense of the body and its tendencies. Practice mapping out your body’s habits by noticing how you enter, hold, and exit yoga poses. My class is structured to facilitate this exploration. Locating yourself, coming home to your body, is what dissolves mental and emotional tension, non-acceptance of what is, and avoidance. Embodied presence builds a compassionate abiding, an inner freedom that is your birthright.

Posture Mapping

Posture is the cumulative expression of your life experience. Posture reflects your mood, activity level, and self-esteem. A Posture Map shows routes of healthy movement in the body as well as "roadblocks", stuck areas of imbalance and asymmetry. What does your posture say about you?»


Yoga privates are one-on-one sessions individually sequenced to improve posture and train for healthier movement patterns. Learn More»


MICROYOGA: Find the 7 Gaps in Your Practice 7 simple muscle tests will show you the fault lines in your movement patterns. Practice simple exercises to reboot your nervous system and fill in the gaps! Learn more»
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