Posture Mapping

 Discover how the simple act of observing your posture, 

as it truly is, can awaken new transformation in your life.


Many of us carry postural habits that no longer serve us. Compensations from old injuries or imposed on us by our job (e.g., sitting at a computer, holding a baby on one hip) persist, sometimes for decades, leading to chronic pain and tension.

Mapping your posture allows you to chart a new course. Many conditions, while perhaps having a genetic component, are activated and worsen from postural CHOICES. You actually have a large degree of control over your movement patterns. This realization radically opens the possibilities to chart a way to less pain and more freedom. And while revamping your movement strategies isn’t as easy as taking a pill, most of us realize at some point that only treating symptoms doesn’t lead the way to good health. Symptoms can worsen and multiply if poor movement and postural habits continue.

Your first session with me is a Postural Anaylsis and Body Mapping. We track your history, noticing patterns of injury, restriction and tension. We investigate patterns of consistency and inconsistency in your lifestyle and diet. We even consider personality tendencies and your sense of where you are in your life. I chart your posture and movement patterns in a series of static and dynamic photographs. We discuss your goals, intentions as well what hasn’t worked for you in the past. I observe the rhythms, holding patterns and tendencies in your breath. Many students bring x-rays and test results to better communicate earlier findings.

From that first session I map out a general approach to remodeling your posture and movement habits. I spend a few hours on my own studying your pictures and history. Based on this analysis I compose a 4-6 page report that maps out your body’s current tendencies and patterns. I draw lines and shapes over your pictures to help you see your postural patterns (shifts, rotations and side bends).

My in-depth report details your assessment and introduces your customized program including asanas (poses), breathwork, and daily posture exercises. We go over the Body Mapping report together during your second session and practice the exercises and posture work together. Since seeing yourself in a new way is crucial we use a wall-sized mirror while performing the exercises and postural corrections. Many students request photographs and descriptions of the exercises for working at home. Implementing changes on a daily basis is necessary for changing deeply entrenched and unconscious habits.

When you see and feel more accurately your position (literally and figuratively), you also gain the capacity to consider alternatives and choose differently. Re-aligning your movement patterns is a collaborative process between teacher and student, engaging our curiosity and creativity. Informed by your ever-deepening ability to give me nuanced feedback, I teach you poses and movement patterns appropriate for you, with your immediate needs taken into consideration. This process is highly intuitive as well as supported by my training in biomechanics, anatomy and yoga asana.

The practice we find together addresses you as a whole person, not a set of symptoms, not limited to just one area of the body. We consider the whole picture. This detail and nuance has a way of ferreting out the true resistance to change, the deeper obstacles that block healing, joy and freedom in the body. When these elements are considered honestly and with courage, it is possible for you to affect progression of the ailment, restore alignment, and prevent re-injury.

Initial Assessment & Postural Analysis

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